The 7 Steps to Starting Your Church Media

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Here at Reverent, our mission is to help you engage your members, impact your community and reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through media. We believe you can achieve this and so much more with a powerful media presence.  Churches see the need to engage in the culture around them, but sometimes do not know where to start. That is where this blog will help you.


This blog is going to show you the step-by-step process to get your Church Media up and running.  This 7 Step process is a guide for pastors and is not an extensive “How to” manual. There are many facets to having a media program and each one is individual to each church culture.  Let’s get started!


Record Your Sermon | Audio

Recording your sermon audio is the first step. It is also the hardest for most because it is something new and maybe even unknown. Say Jesus would say “Do not fear!” Just follow the bullet points below and before you know it you will be all set up.


Things you will need


A Microphone & Soundboard


  • Make sure you have an AUX cord from the board to the computer. Most likely you’ll need to go from a 1/4 to a 1/8 AUX. This way you can go from your boards’ output and plug into your computer’s mic input


A Computer with Audio Recording Software



A Volunteer


  • The volunteer will hit record and make sure the recording is happening



Start the recording 2-5 minutes before the sermon, and end 1-2 minutes after the sermon ends or after the prayer.


Record Your Sermon | Video

Recording your sermon video is going to make your media go to the next level. After you get setup your ability to share video content will impact your community in a way you might not believe. Just follow the bullet points below and before you know it you will be all setup.



Things you will need



A Camera

  • Needs to shoot in 1080p or higher
  • Set the Camera high enough that it is level with the speaker (if you point it up toward the pastor it shows off their chin)
  • Zoom-in to where the pastor takes up at least 30% of the screen
  • Set all setting to Manual and not Auto. This is essential for high-quality editing, making sure things that are white look white in the camera if you have questions call us.
  • A High-Quality Tripod (needs to be around $300)


A Consistent Place

  • It is important for video podcasting to have a consistent look week after week. So make it a priority to put the camera in the same place each week. If possible just mount the Camera.
  • Move camera as little as possible (e.g. if pastor does not move much then just leave camera alone)
  • A Good Quality SD Card (32Gb or higher)
  • Each sermon should be about 3-8 Gb
  • A Volunteer (Can be the same person who handles the audio)


A Good Quality SD Card

  • Make sure the SD card is large at least 64Gb (set to MP4 file type if possible)
  • Each sermon should be about 3-8 Gb


A Volunteer

  • The person needs to make sure pastor stays in the middle

Upload Media Files

When you are finished recording your audio and video files you will need to upload them for editing. Uploading is mostly done by the computer but will require some drag-and-drop each week.



Things you will need


An Upload Folder from Reverent

  • We will send this folder link via email to your church. You might need to set up a Google Account – they are free and easy to set up. The Folder name will be “Reverent Church + Your Church Name”
  • Just set up the folder on your desktop for easy use.



Things to Do



For Uploading from Camera (Video)

  • Take SD card out of the camera and plug it into the computer, then open the SD card so you can see the files. Now drop the file(s) into the Reverent folder



For Uploading from Computer (Audio)

  • Take the audio file and move it into the folder





  • You can also set up the audio software to save into the folder



The Process

  • The folder automatically sync with Reverent
  • Make sure you have strong internet and that you let the computer take its time to upload
  • Start upload on Sunday right after Service*



All upload times are dependent on when the files are uploaded, therefore we recommend upload right after the service is over. This way 2 Day Turnaround is as quick as possible.

Editing Your Media

Reverent will professionally edit all your video and audio podcasting.

Dispersion of Media

There are many ways to disperse your media. We have a few media industry standards that we recommend.



Things you will need



A Vimeo Pro Account

  • This is where you will host your video podcast on iTunes, and for Embedding into your website. Make sure you get the Pro account so all of your sermon podcast is able to upload.
  • Link:



A Soundcloud Account


  • This is where you will host your audio podcast on Google and iTunes.
  • Link:




A Sermon Series Page on Your Website


  • This is where you will have a landing page for your sermon series. It will show audio and video podcast
  • Need a Website for a low initial cost? Talk to us – www.Reverent.Media



An iTunes Podcast Account


  • This is where you will host your audio podcast for iTunes
  • Link: or go to iTunes App and click “Submit a Podcast” on your Computer



A Google Podcast Account

  • This is where you will host your audio podcast for Google
  • Link:



Things To Do





Reverent will Disperse your media on all of your media outlets included.


Give Reverent logins to all outlets, and note that we will only disperse each week.

Before Next Sunday

There are a few things to do before the next Sunday service at your church. These are simple “clean up” points for each week.


Things To Do

  • Take the SD card and put it into the camera, then reformat the SD card. Also, you can just delete the old file.
  • Make sure you set up the same way, in the same spot, at the same height each week
  • You’ll notice that the Reverent folder is empty each week, this way you have a clean folder to upload week after week.
  • Take any notes from Reverent about camera placement, camera settings and apply them to the camera.

Be Consistent & Always Improve

Record your sermons week after week.  This way you build up an archive of sermons to engage your members, impact your community, and reach the nations.


Lastly, make sure you are always improving yourself.  You need to set goals for your media.  If you do not know where to start taking our free online Church Media Analysis.  This should give you a start and even help you as the years go on.



Sermon Highlights


Here is the first goal we recommend to churches who video & audio podcast. Sermon Highlights are the best way to engage with your culture around you. We take the time to cut out the highlight of your sermon and make it a 1-minute engaging video.  Then you share it on Facebook & Instagram and don’t forget to boost as an Ad.

The video will end with your logo and website so people can know exactly where to go to get connected.

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