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What is an Animated Speaker Title?

Animated Speaker Title is the media animation that gives the viewer the basic information about the person speaking, the information about the sermon, and what the preacher is teaching about in the video they are watching.  Another name for them is “Lower Third”


They normally include:

  • Speaker Name & Title
  • Sermon Series Graphic
  • Sermon Scripture
  • Sermon Title

Why Use an Animated Speaker Title?

This feature enhances your video podcast in almost every way!  It is the first time your video gives information to your viewer.


It creates engagement by allowing the viewer to ask questions like:

  • Who is this preacher or who is the guest speaker?
  • Why is he preaching through this series?  How long have they been in this series
  • What was the sermon on last week’s passage?


Most churches have scripture on the screen in the worship center.  Animated Speaker Title gives the Scripture reference to the viewer so they can read along with the pastor.

*each animated speaker title is custom designed to your church style

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