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Why Use Reverent?

(Left Image) Before Reverent

Your video is raw and unfinished, but good things await.

With Reverent (Right Image)

Reverent provides you a highly customized edit for each video created. 

Professional Announcements

Why Use Announcements

Video announcements create an 80% higher retention rate than bulletins or speakers.

When planning your Sunday morning video announcements create a great way to move the attention of the members off the stage so you can change from worship to sermon.

Best Practices

Announcements on a Sunday morning are a way for the leadership of the church to communicate with the members about events.  Here are some best practices for your church.

Create a graphic for every event.

Create a Facebook event for every event and invite your members

Keep Announcements to less than 3 min each Sunday

Announce every event at least 5 times before it happens

Change in Sermon Series is a church event so announce the change early

Affordable Pricing




What Does Announcements Include?

Weekly Announcements Video
Animated logo intro & outro
Custom Lower Thirds
2 Day Turnaround Guarantee
$199 set up fee


Do You Record The Video Clips? 

No.  We do not record at your church.  You will need a staffer to man the camera.  We do give advice to churches on how to frame your shot.

Do You Sell Camera Gear? 

Not yet.  We hope to finalize our gear packages in 2018.


How Long Is The Commitment? 

There is no commitment timeframe.  We believe you will see our service and never want to leave.

Church Requirements


  • 4k Camera with 24fps or higher
  • A camera lens with f/4 or better
  • SD card of 64gb or higher
  • Tripod for Camera
  • Audio recording software (or run it into the Camcorder)
  • Lighting
  • Computer
  • Internet with at least 10 Mbps upload speed
  • Backdrop for staging shoot