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Why Use Reverent?

(Left Image) Before Reverent

Your video is raw and unfinished, but good things await.

With Reverent (Right Image)

Reverent provides you a highly customized edit for each video created. 

Professional Podcasting

Is Your Podcast 10 Years Old?

Podcasting is not as simple as it was 10 years ago.  Why?  Well, Pod-casting came from Apple and the iPod.  However, other providers have come into the market.  Spotify even went public and now has a podcast platform.  Google software runs 82% of the world’s podcast devices.  In other words, running your podcast on your website alone is out of date and you are not reaching people, especially younger generations.  You need to upgrade. We want to help.

Is Your Podcast 3 Years Old?

We are nerds and we keep up with this weird stuff. If you are only using your website as a podcast you are very far behind, and even if you have linked it to iTunes then you are still 3 years behind.  We will bring you up to speed and keep you there year after year.

Affordable Pricing



No Annual Agreement

Weekly sermon podcast (video only) loaded to website and Facebook page

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Annual Agreement

Weekly sermon podcast (audio and video) w/ video highlight. Loaded to website, Facebook, and Youtube.

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  • Custom Sermon Series Lower Third (pops up at beginning of sermon video)
  • Professionally Edited Highlight Video Each Week
  • We Re-Invest $50 To Boost Your Highlight On Facebook
  • Distribution To Church Youtube Channel w/ Location Tag
  • 2 Day Turnaround Guarantee
  • 1 Day Turnaround Available For Additional $199/month



Annual Agreement

Ascend Package service plus one-day turnaround and two sermon highlight videos

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Available Options

  • Multi-camera angle cuts
  • Bible Verses appear on video
  • More Digital Marketing
  • Up to Daily Highlights
  • Live Streaming Management
  • Quarterly Media Consultation
  • Priority Customer Service
  • Highlight Video Transcription


Do You Record The Sermon on Sunday? 

No.  We do not record at your church on Sunday.  You will need a volunteer to man the camera.  We do give advice to churches on how to frame your shot.

Do You Sell Camera Gear? 

No, but here is our Recommended Equiptment List

What Is Reverent Tithe? 

Reverent is committed to gospel ministry. We take 10% of our price and invest it back into your church through Facebook sponsored posts.

How Long Is The Commitment? 

While the payments are month to month for all packages, Ascend & Voyage are year-long agreements with RCM.

Equipment Requirements

A/V Gear

  • 1080p Camcorder with 24fps or higher
  • SD card of 64gb or higher
  • Tripod for Camcorder
  • Audio recording software (or run it into the Camcorder)
  • Lighting
  • Computer
  • Internet with at least 10 mbp upload speed