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Every week your church is hosting a wide variety of events, programs, and special occasions.  Now you have been asked by the leadership to communicate all the details and you want everyone to remember every detail.  That’s a lot of pressure…and that’s where we come in.

How Do You Handle The Pressure Of Communicating So Many Details?

For years Elders would get up in front of the church and give daily announcements.  Maybe even the youth pastor would give his special bit of Summer Camp. But sadly most of the time it falls on deaf ears.  Why?  Because of people’s retention rate?

When someone hears an announcement their retention rate is very low.  When someone reads/sees an announcement their retention is better but still low.  However, when you combine hearing and seeing together there is an 80% increase in retention.

This is why we create Pro Church Video Announcements!

There is no better way to get your members engaged in announcements.  Through animated graphics, music and visually beautiful cinematography, you can communicate to your members like no other generation.   Week after week your leaders are trying to make sure that the member is connected and being apart of your fellowship.  Video Announcements allow you to communicate clearly your mission, your events, and your goals!

What can go into a Video Announcement?

There are many things you can put into a your Video Announcements.  That is what makes these so great – you pick what goes into them.  Say you want to highlight your mission in your church.  This is your purpose or aim or long term goal of your church and you want every member to know it, and be able to repeat it.  How do you accomplish this?  In your welcome clip of your video announcement you say it each week, only this time their 80% more likely to retain the mission.

There are many other things you can include, like:

  • New Member Orientation
  • Summer Camp Fundraising
  • Baptism Sundays
  • Special Worship Nights
  • Elder Lead Prayer
  • Social Media Links

There is no better way to communicate with your members than Pro Church Video Announcements.  Sign-up and see how your church members connect like never before.

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