What are Weekly Sermon Highlights?

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It is most likely the number one action taking place in America and around the world today.  People love to share! And with YouTube videos, IG pictures, Facebook post, people are sharing something every day…every second.  But does it happen what is shared?

What Are You Sharing?

Sharing for a church should be easy.  You preach on Sundays, you have Weekly Announcements, you have Bible verse and pastor blogs.  But are you sharing?  And are you sharing what others will share?

Sharing What Shares!

The most commonly sharing media a 58-second video.  Why?  Because we live in a consumer culture and our attention is only 58 seconds long.  This is what makes Sermon Highlights so valuable to a church.  These 58-second videos show the social media world what your message focused on.  Then from there, you invite them to follow your podcast and allow them to listen to your whole teaching and Lord willing them come to Jesus Christ and/or grow in their walk with the Lord.

How Much Should You Share?


Now most likely you do not have a video for every day, but you only need about one to two videos a week for strong engagement.


You can also share things like

  • Photos of Baptism
  • Pro Church Video Announcements
  • Pastor Blogs
  • Community Outreach
  • Sermon Series Graphics
  • Meme’s (because everyone loves memes)


There is no better way to create shareable content than a Sermon Highlight.  So do not wait and start creating a shareable video today click the “Sign-up” button to get started.

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