What is a Sermon Series Bumper and Why Do I Need It?

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Have you ever sat in a church service where the pastor started out saying something like “if you’ve been with us for a while you know we are teaching on…this series” How great would it be to have a video bumper play right between the worship music and the pastor to help the members get focused on your sermon series?  This is what a Sermon Series Bumper does for you.

Sermon Bumpers  Helps Focus Your Listeners.

If there is a common thing in our society today it is that people are distracted and that they love videos.  Sermon series bumpers give you the ability to change the mood in the building, focus your listeners, remind them of the topic, and allow a smooth transition into worship through teaching the Word.

Why Does Our Church Need Bumper?

Most church pastors have gone to a sermon series style of preaching.  They either use books of the Bible or maybe just use a topic like Prophets.  These series are a great way for your church members to talk about to the people in your community.  Examples are “At my church, we are going through the book of Daniel” or “My pastor is teaching on the Major Prophets”.  This sermon series structure pastor has found out that it allows your member to more easily remember what you are teaching.  Therefore, many have switched to this style of teaching.

Now add a video to the beginning of each sermon and your members will remember that series every single time the video is played.  The graphics that are in the video are also the ones used to make brochures and banners in the foyer.  All of the brandings comes from the sermon series bumper.  It unites the series message with the church members.  This is the beauty of Sermon Series Bumpers they help bring to remembrance the teachings of that series.

What If My Sermon Series Are Different Lengths?  Do I Have To Pay Monthly?

No!  And this is not a problem at all!  We only charge you when you need a bumper.  It is a one time fee per bumper.  Preachers vary a lot on how long they teach on a topic.  So we let you choose when you need one or when you stay in the same series all year long.  We just want to help you have the best intro to your teaching possible.  We want people to listen to your teaching and we believe Sermon Series Bumpers are a need in the modern day church.

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